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VEDIC Client Gallery

Who We Are

VEDIC is a non-profit corporation organized by the Town of Valdese, North Carolina, to assist the Town of Valdese, Burke County and surrounding counties in the promotion, stimulation, development and advancement of business prosperity and economic welfare.  


The objectives of this program include job creation, job retention, increasing economic opportunity and strengthening the region’s business sector by providing loan funds to local small businesses with VEDIC resources, as well as create partnerships with local banks and other private sector lenders.


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VEDIC operates loan programs focused on helping entrepreneurs start businesses and existing businesses to expand. VEDIC bridges the gap for those businesses that need funding, but cannot qualify for a bank loan. It is our hope that through this loan program, businesses will prosper and become credit worthy for bank funding in the future.

Each business that VEDIC meets with is unique with various areas of need. It is our goal at VEDIC not only to help with the lending need, but to understand each clients business fully in order to align other resource partners that can provide assistance as well. We want your business to be a success.


Once we establish a loan, we meet regularly with our clients to monitor their progress. We identify needs that they may have that are preventing them from fulfilling their business plan while providing them with resources to address those needs. We believe this is an essential part of their success as a loan client and as a business owner.

Board of Directors and Staff Members

Executive Board


Board Members

Kylie Gera                               John Branstrom

Jessica Bargsley                   Suzanne Wallace

Butch McSwain                      Bryan Steen

Sharon Jablonski                   Robert (T.R.) Robinson

Scott Mulwee                          Crystal Reed

Karen Robinson                      Rick Justice

Tim Barus                                Lily Laramie

Nancy Page                             Johnny Berry

Marla Thompson                    William “Bill” Carroll 

Sherry Long                              Donna Zamora